pounding pavements

ok, so 2 month's later and here i am, who didn't see that coming? life has been so full and bursting with, well life, that there hasn't been time for me to take a breath and to fully reflect back on all my adventure. and now with exam on it's due course, and on the track of procrastination, inspiration strikes. 

oh london. taking an 8 hour night bus from glasgow to london may seem like a well thought out and efficient plan, being able to spare some change and sleep through it and all, but the fact that we weren't able to rest ourselves till 7pm on arrival day was not taken into account. 6:30am, arrived  blinded by our dried up contact lenses, 3 hours of sleep, overwhelmed and wide-eyed in a new city, we hit the ground running. the amount we managed to cover was quite a feat, and for me to try to sum it up is quite near impossible. reflecting back, i don't know how the fuck we did it. we fluttered from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, stopping in between for quick sips of fragrant chai lattes and people watching before we were back pounding the pavement onto the next venture. inspiration was found easily amongst the crowds of shoreditch and hackney, nitpicking through aisle of clothes at the charity stores and ummm-ing and ahh-ing over overpriced boutique tops. hitting oxford square on a saturday afternoon has either proved to be the bravest thing we've done, or the most stupid. as great as the rows of shops were, being shoved and thrown about was not quite the pleasant experience. 7pm could not have come any sooner, as we waited outside the subway sitting atop our luggage with pillows on our laps. the next day we floated through the markets, firstly visiting columbia road flower market, which boasted many delectable treats to the senses. flowers, food, people, antiques. my taste palette sure had a field day, being given the opportunity to devour bagels, donuts, duck confit blue cheese brie burger, bratswurst and so much more. oh, another treat, being spotted by vogue for a street style section at brick lane market. 

so yeah, all that happened. 



i've tried long and hard to come up with words to describe my trip to the isle of skye, which, incidentally (to how beautiful it was/is) was voted the 4th best island in the world. despite being absolutely congested with the flu, despite being nauseous the whole 5 hour bus ride, despite the long 5 hour bus ride - it was all worth it. a lot of the places that we visited were used in movies, i.e. sky fall, harry potter, prometheus, made of honor, and i completely understand why. scotland is nothing but dramatic, from glencoe to sligachan, eileen donan castle and finally isle of skye, oh isle of skye - where the skies reflected off the waters and painted everything into a mystical hue. where only one of the few waterfalls falls directly into the sea, the highland cows just roaming on the grassy hills and the best fish and chips got into my hands. nothing i say can do it justice, and it was only one bit of the island that we visited, so i'll let the photos speak.


blue skies and vintage buys

i constantly twist words and sentences together in my head to try and figure out a tone for this blog, but as it changes each time i figured it best to just flow with whatever comes to mind. 

dublin, oh dublin, i had no idea what to expect besides it's love of beers - and that did not disappoint. the guiness factory was a real treat, taking you through the history and a step-by-step of how it was/is made, lest you appreciate the beer wrongly as you sip (or gulp) it admiring a 360 view of dublin. it was a bustling city, with heaps of tourist activities at each corner, which i completed. i never did understand the fascination with trinity college till i walked past and did a double take from the glimpse given through an arched door. i walked into such a picturesque campus that it felt a bit like a fairytale, disney even - literally, the birds were singing and the sun were streaming through the leaves and bathed the buildings in a warm, cosy glow. i was so completely entranced that i did not even have the presence of mind to take photos.

i have to say though my favourite part of dublin was just walking the streets with no intention - purely wandering and wondering. stumbling across vintage stores that proved temptation was difficult, but not impossible, to resist; deciding that i wanted to wolf down every single item of the quaint little cafes/food trucks/food markets i could find,  from cheese+garlic fries to vegetarian curries to pastries to nachos and breakfast burritos, it didn't stop. 

it was collectively 5 days of art and culture and food and people mashed up and sunbaked under bright blue skies and breezy temperatures, and i loved every bit of it.